First Signs of Dementia

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Thank you for your emails about what might be the first signs and what can we do to help. Firstly may I suggest you watch the first video which on this web sites called “Introduction”.  It gives some good tips.  The other videos will continue along that road.
Quick pointers could be, is the person slower on being able to do certain tasks they were always able to do before easily?  Do they sometimes seemed confused by their environment.  Then may I suggest you go to your Dr and tell them you wish to ask them to investigate if there might be early signs of dementia.  Do watch the other videos on this web site as they will go into this in more detail for you.
Thanks for writing in.  Please let us know if there are more specific issues you wish to address and if so then we will be sure to come back to you with some guidance.  Thanks for writing in.  Watch this space!
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