Learning Disability & Dementia Training – An Introduction.

In recent years there has been an increase in the conversation surrounding dementia. There are a number of possible factors behind this – the millions of baby boomers turning 65 or perhaps the improvement in medicine and care. However, there is a demographic which is often overlooked and underdiscussed – that is people with Learning Disabilities (LD) and in particular those with Down’s Syndrome (DS).

Typically in the general population, 1% of people develop dementia in their 60s, which grows to 30% once they reach their 90s. For those with Learning Disabilities and Down’s Syndrome, dementia can make an appearance significantly earlier whilst also affecting an even larger proportion of the demographic.

I am a Learning Disabilities and Dementia care trainer. My sister, who has Down’s Syndrome, was recently diagnosed with dementia. I noticed a lack of representation for people like my sister and struggled to find the right resources to provide her with the care and support she needed.

This sparked my quest to help others in similar scenarios and so designed a series of 6 educational videos. I consulted with world renowned experts such as the clinical psychologist Dr Karen Dodd and Dementia Consultant Diana Kerr. These videos have been created to provide advice, valuable information and knowledge for looking after people with LD and DS, whether that be care homes and their teams or the families who are looking after their loved ones from home.

Below we have provided a brief overview of each of the six videos and why they may be beneficial for you.

Video One – Introduction

The first video provides you an overview of what’s to come in the 6 step support series. It will explain what it all means as you embark on your trip of discovery to transform care into hope, joy and empowerment. Each video is only 10 – 20 minutes long, making it easier to slip your learning into small pockets of spare time.


Video Two – Roll Back Memory

This episode advises you on how to help your loved ones feel at ease. Briefly explained, Roll Back Memory addresses the way your loved one’s memory will roll back from the present day to days gone past. There are a number of ways you can support them by validating their experience which is explained in more detail in the video.


Video Three – How to Spot Dementia

Have you noticed some subtle changes in mood? Are there pauses whilst searching for a word? This episode sheds light on the symptoms of dementia, even in the earliest of stages.


Video Four – Philosophy of Care

Get ready for some astounding realisations! In Episode Four we demonstrate some effective solutions to revolutionise your understanding of their experience to help provide hope and comfort to their lives.


Video Five – Understanding, Managing and Preventing Pain

In Episode Five we will learn how to distinguish what pain is being presented, with guidance on what to do and how best to help.

Video Six – Environment Management & Tips

Do they seem startled at loud noises? Why is language simplification so important? Is routine necessary? By using some of these simple steps you could transform your loved ones’ quality of life.

Join me and let’s us take this journey together.  Email us if you have any questions or if we can help.

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